My research is primarily addressed to topics in ethics and epistemology related to collectivity. My work typically addresses topics and problems arising in light of feminist, anti-racist, and critical disability research. As such, I often do work in and around both social philosophy and political philosophy.

Beyond my primary research interests, I have a broad and generalist set of interests in philosophy. I’m especially keen on the history of philosophical thought beginning approximately 6th century BCE (in and beyond the West); science and technology studies; and the history of Western political thought beginning in the modern period.

See below for a list of drafts illustrative of work I am currently engaged in, and please feel free to be in touch should wish to speak about one.

  • Inclusive Anchor Individualism: A Comparative Model of Individualist Social Ontologies
  • Turning the Law Against Itself: Supreme Court litigation as counter-hegemonic tactic
  • What do Misogynist Stereotypes Do? Social Constraints on Autonomy in Commercial Sex
  • Joint Commitment-Based Legal Human Rights: With and Against Gilbert
  • Gilbert Simondon contra Marx and Hegel: Alienation & Analogical Understanding
  • Shared Responsibility for Systematic Sexual Assault: Response to the #NotAllMen Objection
  • Individual Responsibility in light of Structural Ontology: The Case of Group- based Sexual Violence
  • Is Ideology-Talk Disability-Talk?
  • What’s Wrong with “What’s New with the New Ideology Critique”?
  • In Defense of the Stoic Epistemology of Cognitive Impressions
  • Dining Alone: From Sunday Roast to Population Common Knowledge
  • Pernicious-yet-Reasonable Comprehensive Doctrines
  • Does Nietzsche’s Perspectivism Yield a Standpoint Epistemology?
  • Aristotle on the Generation of Sounds
  • Moral Sages: Why Robo-Buddha is a Friend of the Good